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Prelude Op.01Yudai Umeno
00:00 / 01:51

This is a piano solo piece produced for a video commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port of Muroran City in Hokkaido and the 100th anniversary of the city's establishment as a municipality.



Yudai Umeno_image2023.jpg

From an early age, Yudai Umeno was exposed to various genres of music on a daily basis by his parents who loved a wide range of music.

He learned to play the Electone (synthesizer), piano, violin and drums, and began self-taught music production when he got a MacBook Pro in junior high school.

Started his career in 2013 when he worked on the soundtrack of a TV drama at the age of 19 at the time, then produced music for numerous television programs, commercials and films.


In 2016, he founded a company "Keishy" with his brother.


In 2017, he launched the music production unit "The Rogueplants" to pursue his own musicality more deeply, and since then he has started producing original music, providing music to artists and producing.


Continues to pursue an undiscovered world of sound through synthesizer-based sound creation.

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Birth Of LifeThe Rogueplants
00:00 / 03:20

Debut work by the music production unit "The Rogueplants". New life is born between the stormy land and the starry sky. The light in their hearts is kept burning as they quietly and secretly wait for the new dawn. [Lyrics]

Flags (Leave The World Behind [Swedish House Mafia] Mash up)Yudai (The Rogueplants)
00:00 / 03:08

This music was created with the image of TOKYO2020. It is a progressive house music with people's cheers, a racing heartbeat, a sense of speed, and a grand expanse of sound.



The JumperYudai Umeno
00:00 / 04:55

It was created based on the inspiration I received when I first went there to watch a ski jumping competition, and the experiences and words of one ski jumper.

A remix of my favorite Michael Jackson's song as I wanted. I aimed for a coexistence of newness and beauty, with a focus on experimental cut-and-paste vocal riffs.



Both playlists are now available on Apple Music.

"ROOTS" is a selection of songs from my own musical roots and works by artists that have inspired me.

"SOUND" is a selection of my favorites from my own sound influences.


00:00 / 04:07

A sad yet positive and heartwarming ballad by the vocal unit "Tohoshinki" which celebrated its 15th anniversary. I directed the arrangement and production effects of the song.

Echoing (feat. Saliou Gningue)Yudai Umeno
00:00 / 00:51

This song is led by the gentle and warm voice of vocalist Saliou Gningue from Senegal. It is used as the theme music for a program introducing festivals throughout Japan.

ParadiseThe Rogueplants
00:00 / 05:32

When the demo of this song was completed, I had a great response. There is something special about the melody of this song. My dear friend Yosuke Kurihara with whom I have co-written several pieces gave it some great lyrics. It is one of the most emotional songs for me. [Lyrics]


The Rogueplants

A music production unit / creative project launched in 2017.

Music for Almond EyeYudai Umeno
00:00 / 04:17

This music was written to honor "Almond Eye" who set a record for the most wins in turf G1 races nine which is a brilliant achievement in Japanese horse racing history. It is an anthem for all those who constantly challenge high walls.

Do AIs Dream?Yudai Umeno
00:00 / 03:09

This song was improvised for the home drama "Mirai-san" which depicts the modest daily lives of a family living a little further into the future than now. Take a journey through the universe of synthesizer sounds.



Office in Fukuoka : Keishy

Agent in Tokyo : Daybreak Works

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